While some are pointing to the demise of MusicWorld, Canada’s last nation-wide music retailer, as some harbinger of doom, I’m not sure about the big deal. Local retailers normally have better choice, better prices, and better service. In addition, downloadable music services are getting better as they move to DRM-free content, which ensures that your itunes purchases will be playable on other devices should you someday decide you don’t like ipods anymore. I’d like to see lossless audio formats available online. In a perfect world, open source options like FLAC would rule supreme, but I’ll even tolerate AAC Lossless if I can reliably convert it to plain old wav and re-encode to my codec of choice.

Album Covers

All that aside, I took advantage, like a vulture, of the discounts at MusicWorld to pick-up Sea Change by Beck, Exit by K-Os, Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie, and The Spaghetti Incident by Guns N’ Roses. Got ’em home, popped into the computer → ripped to flac (for home listening and archiving) → replaygain → convert to AAC for ipod → add album art. Done!

It’s a good time to pick up those cds and dvds that you’ve been meaning to get, so get out there and support the record industry! :mrgreen:
Now playing on foobar2000: Death Cab for Cutie – [Transatlanticism #05] The Sound of Settling
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