We decided to hit Vorlage for some night skiing on Friday in order to take maximum advantage of this last stretch of winter weather only to discover that I was actually supposed to be up there. It seems that in addition to the Nighthawks lesson groups having a ‘race night’ on their last night, the winners from each night (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) are supposed to have a ski-off to determine the season’s top dog.

When I won the Wednesday night races, no one told me any of this so my presence was just dumb luck. It turns out no one told Thursday night’s winner either, so the Friday night crowd got an extra bullet in the gun.

When the time came, I won the draw to choose my run order. I initially thought I’d run first, but then then opted to go last. My run was as good as I could have made it and by all accounts, I blistered my competitors times as well as those of the instructors.  (Thanks for the great instruction over the past 5 years, Dan!)

As reward, I got to take the Harry Schoenemaker Trophy home until next season, when my name will be engraved onto the plaque. Cool!

I’m pretty happy about this, more than I am about a good performance at autox. Upon reflection, I figure it’s because I’ve spent the last 19 years trying to become a good skier and it’s nice to know the effort has not gone entirely to waste.


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